Muslims Demand To Be Served Before Infidels, Food Bank Has Perfect Counter-Offer

When a local food bank opened, certain migrants became belligerent, shoving and scaring away the needy and elderly while demanding to be served first. However, their outrageous entitlement was quickly shut down when they heard the charity owner’s brilliant counter-offer.

Thanks to decades of liberal immigration policies, much of Europe has been left wide-open for unfettered immigration from the world’s most intolerant, oppressive, and dangerous countries. As millions of new arrivals continue to pour in, nearly all of whom are men from non-refugee Islamic regimes, Westerners begin to realize that those they’ve welcomed don’t harbor the same progressive values and open-mindedness as their hosts.

Along with their incessant demands for special privilege and recognition of oppressive Sharia law, the tiny Muslim migrant population has already surpassed their host majority in committing some of the most brutal and sadistic crimes.

Disturbingly, liberal politicians continue to appease this special interest group instead of protecting their own citizens from terror and religious supremacy. However, not everyone is as accommodating when it comes to migrant thuggery.

After serving all walks of life through his Germany-based charity, Jörg Sartor began to notice that Muslim migrants were consistently displaying aggressive behavior toward non-Muslim beneficiaries, terrorizing them to the point that struggling single mothers and poor elderly individuals were being chased off and left to go hungry, according to Handelsblatt Global.

Noting their undeviating religious supremacy to be served before the inferior “unbelievers,” Sartor came up with a brilliant policy to legally keep these bullies from persecuting the truly needy any longer — he implemented a new rule that only individuals with German IDs can receive his charity’s benefits.

Although Sartor’s new policy is completely within the perimeters of the law since his food bank is not state-run, his decision to refuse service to Muslim migrants has expectedly caused outrage among liberal Germans. Unfortunately for them, Sartor is standing behind his policy, rejecting any new migrants who apply at his food bank.

Mr. Sartor defended his decision, “We want German grandmothers to be able to keep coming to us,” he told a local newspaper, explaining that over the last two years, single mothers and older women had been scared off from the service because of all the young men, speaking different languages, in the queue for food.

Mr. Sartor said he had personally seen “a lack of respect for women” among male users. “When we opened the door in the morning, there was always pushing and shoving without any thought given to the grandmothers in the line,” he said.

Sartor explained that while migrants only made up around 35 percent of those his charity served last year, which is still far greater than their overall percentage of the population, their numbers have since exploded to an unbelievable 75 percent of his total recipients. This is not only due to the fact that the Muslim migrants have chased off non-Muslim Germans but also because the government continues to flood the nation with immigrants who are unskilled or reject jobs.

“Before the wave of refugees, it was about 35 percent. We felt that a cutthroat competition was taking place. There were fewer and fewer Germans,” Sartor told BILD.

“On reception days, up to 120 people were at the door – including many single foreign men. Eventually, neither the older German lady nor the single mother would show up any longer.”

However, Sartor reiterated that the problem isn’t all immigrants, just the so-called refugees, who are vastly Muslim migrant men.

“So far the foreigners are sympathetic to the measure,” Sartor said. “You just have to explain it to them reasonably. It was damn hard to make the decision. We are absolutely politically neutral.”

Of course, not everyone has criticized Sartor over his controversial decision. In fact, many have witnessed the horrific treatment of Germans by the small migrant population and understand the necessity of rejecting their demands.

“Essen Tafel is not a state institution,” wrote journalist Torsten Krauel in an op-ed for the conservative Die Welt newspaper on Friday morning. “They can do what their organization needs to do. And they are not doing this because of xenophobia but in order to take care of those who need their care. They’ve done the right thing.”

Mr. Krauel wrote that maybe some of the young migrants seeking the food bank’s aid were caught between living in refugee homes and finding a more permanent residence. Providing help for that interim period is not their responsibility, he noted.

While liberals portray these Muslim migrants as war-torn refugees in desperate need of our help, the reality is much more complex and sinister. In fact, 75 percent of refugees will not even seek out employment. Instead, they choose to live on benefits, as the German government continues to provide them with free housing, welfare, and even wi-fi while the country’s poor are left homeless and hungry.

Germany is succumbing to Islamization at an alarming rate thanks to its liberal policies. Whatever Germany offers to the tiny Muslim migrant population, they will take only to demand even more. The nation is appeasing a rapidly growing group that rejects its values, despises its tolerance, and hopes to implement the same oppressive laws that have turned their own nations into barbaric regimes. If more Germans do not step up and take a stand against this cultural suicide, soon they will be the refugees fleeing their country.


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