GRAPHIC VIDEO: Marine Shows Muslim Jihadists What BADASS Really Looks Like

It isn’t every day that you run into a United States Marine ready to kill you at a moment’s notice, but should you ever find yourself in such a predicament, it’d probably be best to turn tail and run. Unfortunately for a few jihadists, they learned that the hard way, and now a graphic video is circulating the web, showing exactly why you don’t mess with a Marine.
Although it’s unclear the specific location where the incident took place, it is reportedly somewhere in Afghanistan quite a few years ago. The video is once again making its rounds on social media, but this time, something peculiar happened – the Marine in the video actually commented on the story.
The video was posted on different locations online, but the veteran page Funker 530 actually established contact with an unidentified Corpsman in the video – and it’s a good thing they did. Able to provide some context and background to the footage, the clip turned out to be something rather remarkable.

During the video at about the 45-second mark, a bullet could be heard whizzing by before the agonizing screams of a Marine hit by the round could be heard erupting. As it turns out, he was hit in the neck, but help wasn’t too far away. The video clearly shows medically trained soldiers nearby, who spring into action.
At 2:14 in the video you can see a perfect example of what needs to be done to actually stop the bleeding of a gunshot wound. The gauze is packed deep into the wound channel left by the 7.62 round, which does far more to control bleeding than just applying pressure externally.

At 2:24 another Marine calls out, “Bumpy is hit in the head.” Without giving it a second thought, the wounded corpsman tells the guys working on him to leave him, and “go help Bumpy”.

Personally, I think this video is one that needs to be seen by everyone, to show exactly what our men are volunteering to go through overseas for their country and brothers. This is also a great example of why it’s important for everyone in the platoon to have medical skills greater than just first-aid. [Source: Funker 530]

Before long, someone could be heard shouting that, “Bumpy (a fellow Marine) is hit in the head.” Without a second thought, the wounded Marine orders the medic to leave him and “go help Bumpy,” despite having yet to be fully tended to.

Further showing just how much of a hero he is, the man (believed to be the medic) in the video wrote in that “these guys are badasses. My Marines took care of me and I did the best I could for them. Thank Phil, Brandon, and Matt, they were the real badasses that day!”

After seeing the video – although graphic – it’s no wonder why it continues to be shared again and again. There’s a reason Marines are considered to be the fiercest warriors in the world, and this video proves exactly that.

Even better yet, these men formed a bond in war that can never be replicated or understood by we average civilians – as much as we may try or like. Fortunately, it is because of their training and dedication to one another that both injured men were able to make it back home and recover fully.

Those in the video showed incredible sacrifice, and it will not be soon forgotten. As for all our brave men and women in uniform, both those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and those still alive, we are eternally grateful beyond what words can describe. The next time someone complains about being underpaid, show them this video.


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